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How to get started recording your performance for online viewing

Summer of 2020 the VPC team, with DaurSoul Productions, created a series of videos. These videos (created under very limited COVID restrictions on time and personnel) were designed to answer the first few questions a puppeteer who normally performs live would have when trying to translate their performance into a recorded, online format. With questions to ask yourself, vocabulary to use when doing online searches, and examples of recording puppetry with what you have rather than buying something new, these videos are for all puppeteers trying to create with their art form and connect with audiences in these difficult times.

Below are 7 short videos to help move your show from stage to screen.

Covered in this tutorial series:

  • Scripting – The paperwork prep needed before you start shooting (pre-production)
  • Schedule and Shot List – Identifying the scenes and shots in your script
  • Framing and Shot Types – The various framing and shot types and how to use them
  • Three Point Lighting – Lighting the show and the special considerations that need to be taken for puppetry
  • Shadow Puppets – How to light for shadow puppetry
  • Shooting – How to capture your show and the positions required to do so
  • Editing – How to edit your footage into one cohesive entity.

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