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The Vaudeville Puppets present: The Gettysburg Address

The Vaudeville Puppets present: The Gettysburg Address

Halloween Together

The Great Pumpkin not coming? Trick or Treat cancelled?

In 2020 Its a strange Halloween Charlie Brown, but young Allegra Longfellow is determined to have a great nite!

Allegra tries to teach troubadour, Greg Klyma the true meaning of Halloween with the help of her Vaudeville Puppet friends, along the way she proves she can have her ticks and treat ’em too!

Vaudeville Pictures and Greg Klyma present a family friendly musical extravaganza presented in the style and tradition of classic LIVE television variety shows. With special guest Becky Hall 🪕

Happy Halloween!

🎬 Peter A. Cancilla
🎤 Greg Klyma
🎧 Aaron Sugar

Beautiful Christmas

In this dark and difficult time, may we each and all find ways to give and receive light and peace.

You’re Beautiful Baby

When the lovely Linda Viens checks in with her pals she finds The Vaudeville Puppets are anxious, angry, discouraged, restless, reluctant and confused. Together they try to focus on the importance of spreading positivity and hope to their neighbors but also to themselves.

Vaudeville Pictures: Interviews

See the Invited Guests:

Peter Court
Ruadhan Gormally
Tom Knight

Vaudeville Pictures: Interviews

Deb Velto

“Abenaki Stories” – Students will present three Abenaki stories using puppets.

Peter A. Cancilla is a motion picture producer, puppeteer and puppet fabricator.

For nearly 20 years Peter has helped corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations better communicate their message and achieve their goals via creative, quality video productions.

The Vaudeville Puppets are the cast of critters, creatures and kooks that play in the non-human dominated productions of Vaudeville Pictures. Through their films, music and live appearances these characters educate, entertain, pitch and fundraise.

So why not add a little character to your brand?
Whether we are creating a custom spokes-puppet to fit your branding or casting one of our regular players, these colorful personalities would love to work with you to raise awareness for
your service, product or cause.

Personal Puppet Greetings
Wish to send some contact-free support, love or well wishes? We can create a personalized puppet greeting for your loved one’s birthday or any special occasion.