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The American Puppetry Publications: The Puppetry Journal and Puppetry International

A talk with the editor of the Puppetry Journal, Steve Abrams, and the editior of Puppetry International, Andrew Periale. Learn a bit about the history of these publications, their role in Puppeteers of America and UNIMA-USA, the process to write and submit an article, and whats new for these publications.

Puppetry History: Ways to start your research, resources that are out there and how you can get started saving the puppetry history of the present.

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Moderator: Sharon Murphy Boski (Murphy)

John Bell
Elise Handelman
Seth Schaffer
Steve Abrams

Murphy is committed to the promotion of the art form of Puppetry and to supporting the greater community of Puppetry, from the enthusiast to the professional. ‘Specializing ‘ in being a Generalist, she takes on students of all levels as a Puppetry Coach in all forms of Puppetry. With 30 years of experience with Puppetry as a Performer, Educator, and Director as well as 20 years of experience as an administrator with puppetry organizations in New England, there are few questions about the Puppetry of the Northeast Region that she hasn’t heard. (Surprise me).