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Basic Acting Techniques for Puppeteers

This workshop will cover basic acting techniques as it relates to puppetry.

Fairy Tale Twist

Fairytale Twist is an adaption of a collection of three well know fairytales: Three Billy Goats Gruff, Three Little pigs and Cinderella. However, Meada Taylor has taken these foundation stories and twisted them to present The Three Goats Boats, The Three Pigs Gigs, and finally, Not Your Ordinary Cinderella Story using different types of puppets. This puppet show is a little over 34 min and will be a delight for the whole family.

The performance was recorded in Lockport, NY within the 247 Market Street Art Gallery. This is where Kuumba-Nia Productions has rendered most of their shows up until the pandemic since 2001. Fairytale Twist premiered live in 2005.

The Recording Cast is as Follows



Doris Timkey

Nadif Taylor

Meada Taylor

Character Voices

Doris Timkey – Sea Monster Pull Plug, Mamma Pig

Nadif Taylor – Son Goat, Small Goat, Moody D

Geraldine Kiner – Wicked Step Mother

Jason Kiner – Story Teller

Dara Taylor – Cinderella

Jason Winters – Mid Goat, Rebel C

Meada Taylor – Papa Goat, Big Goat, Sophisticate E, Trickster Fox, Fairy


Meada Taylor

Beethoven 9th Symphony

Meada Taylor– Is a native of Queens NY, who now resides in Western, NY. She holds a Theatre Arts and Communications, with a minor in music from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz and a M.S. from Buffalo State. She presently serves as a Substitute Teacher in the Lockport School District. 

Her love for puppetry began during her child rearing years and has only grown since. She has explored many types of puppetry such as glove, hand and mouth, shadow, rod, crankies, toy theatre and marionettes (which she is becoming more attached to). She has written many original shows, adaptations of fairytales, and seasonal Christmas and Easter shows along with original music. 

 Puppetry has weaved its way into the fibers of her very being. So much so that she began her own small puppet company with the help of family and friends. In 1999, Kuumba-Nia Productions was born; “Creativity with a Purpose”. The company offers puppet shows, puppet workshops, and puppet building. We have been featured in several local newspapers and news broadcasts.  

As founder and artistic Director of Kuumba-Nia Productions, Meada, like most puppeteers, have to wear many hats. She writes, performs, builds, and directs many of the performances both adapted and original works.  

Since COVID her small studio work has been put on a halt. An online presence for Kuumba-Nia Productions has slowly emerged under the title of Kuumba Creative Puppets on the YouTube Platform. The puppet co. has also given birth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram although still in the infant stage.  

In sum, Kuumba-Nia Productions has performed for churches, social groups, community events, schools, and private parties. Meada has gone as far as Kenya Africa! 


More information can be found on the Kuumba-Nia website. and 






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