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Creating Puppets from Recycled Materials

The presentation will share techniques and activities on how to use recycled materials, e.g., cardboard roll, envelope, plastic bottle, paper plate, colored paper and a marker to create simple puppets. I will demonstrate how to make each puppet and then share how to use music, movement and pantomime to tell simple stories. The workshop will reinforce skills in listening and speaking skills including character and voice development.

Creating Giant Puppets as a Fulbright Specialist

Carol Sterling is an arts educator and educational puppeteer with 50 years plus experience and is a frequent Puppeteers of America presenter at National and Regional Festivals.   She has served as a Fulbright Program Specialist in Educational Puppetry in Uganda (2012) and India (2015) and has conducted training workshops throughout the US and in l0 countries.  She is the recipient of The P of A  Marjorie Batchelder McPharlin Award for Outstanding Contributions in Education to the Field of Puppetry and published articles about her work in The Puppetry Journal and Puppetry International.  She is a former President of UNIMA-USA and a former Education Consultant to Puppeteers of America.    She is the recipient of the Distinguished Service for Arts Education Award presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Carol is a former Board member of the Jim Henson Foundation and the Puppetry Guild of Greater New York. 


Carol will conduct a workshop on “Creating Puppets from Recycled Materials at the November, 2021 Virtual Puppetry Conference.  


Please bring the following materials to the virtual workshop:   


Discarded sock, cardboard roll, envelope (any size), plastic bottle, paper plate, 5 pieces of different colored paper, black and another color marker, scissor, plastic spoon or fork, scotch or masking tape, 8” stick or 6” chopstick, 8” x 11” fabric scrap, small pieces of yarn. 


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Carol is also on Facebook.  Her photo there is with the late Carroll Spinney and Oscar the Grouch.   


To see Carol’s work in creating Giant Puppets as a Fulbright Specialist, click on this link: