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Northeast Editions

Northeast Editions

Hello, and Welcome to Virtual Puppet Con!

We are the world’s largest online convention focused on the art form of Puppetry. During COVID times we focused on partnering with Puppeteers of America to serve the needs of their Northeast Region members. Our format developed out of the Northeast Region’s need to have a community event for networking, presenting performances, sharing information, remembering history, and gathering together, even if online, to keep the community connected even if they could not come together in person.

Virtual Puppet Con: Northeast Edition featured the puppetry artists of the Northeast Region of Puppeteers of America. This Region consists of all the New England States, upstate New York, and eastern Canada from Toronto to the Atlantic Ocean.
In order to qualify as a content provider for the Northeast Editions artist had to either:
– be a member of Puppeteers of America who lives in the Northeast Region
– or be a member of the following guilds: Boston Area Guild of Puppetry, Connecticut Guild of Puppetry, Puppetry Guild of Upstate New York, or the Western Massachusetts Puppetry Guild, or live in Eastern Canada.

The application exceptions were the Fringe Festival, Puppet Parade, and Potpourri. These were open to attendees from anywhere.

There was a daily schedule of performances, workshops, panels, unique content, and films that were released on the VPC ‘stage’. Within 24 hours of that release the content would be available for streaming on demand by attendees for a limited time. There was a an event store of limited edition items of VPC, Puppeteers of America, the Region, the Puppetry Guilds of the Region, and the contente providers who chose to use it. There was also a Chat Room Lobby. A VPC volunteer staff member was available during specific hours to create private chat rooms for smaller conversations.

Flexibility for the attendees was built into the format of Virtual Puppet Con, allowing attendees to adapt the content delivery for their needs. Whether dealing with low download speeds, schedule conflicts during the stage releases, particular interest in only certain content, or other common issues, Virtual Puppet Con allows attendees to craft their own personalized experience.